ASEG GALLONI SPA 70 years in pole position

  • 1948, San Colombano al Lambro (Italy): Attilio Galloni has just completed the electro-technical studies and applies his knowledge to produce the very first industrial casting machine in the world for precious metals and special alloys. It is an immediate success in jewelleries and dental laboratories used to work with archaic equipment by torch flame: this is the company first “sprint success”.

    Expectations are always upwards for quality and quantity capabilities, user safety, reduced power consumption, environmental protection consciousness. ASEG Galloni is a trend-setter: casting in vacuum, in vacuum and pressure, inert gas supply to clean the metal and the mould, basic or automatic models, versions with replicable process sequence, certification of electromagnetic compatibility, power efficiency.


    The smart factory is the present state of the art. The casting machine and the wax injector are the technical core items which affect the result. We have developed with Riacetech, world’s best injector manufacturer, the line “R Intuitive” consisting of our vacuum / pressure casting machine and his vacuum wax injector: by tablet the operator controls and manages the process and stores the data.

  • Customization of the portfolio products is limited. To take advantage of our technological heritage we have recently explored selling opportunities in industrial sectors requiring bespoke versions for specific working conditions. Under this aim is the high capacity vacuum / pressure casting machine developed closely with an Italian manufacturer of aluminium alloy components for aviation and aerospace. After supply, the cooperation continued to refine the casting process reaching unexpected performances with mutual satisfaction; few months later the customer purchased another machine with the latest improvements. 

  • The sales achievements are approximate 25,000 units, 80% export rate in 45 Countries, prestigious customers: international high fashion jewelleries, dental laboratories, schools and universities. Official prizes were awarded in 1983, 1990, 1999 to acknowledge the researching activity and the construction accuracy.


    Today ASEG Galloni is a modern industrial concern relying on skilled personnel, laying on 7,000 sq.m.

    The internal “Training Center for Precision Casting” is dedicated to the training and refreshing sessions about the casting machines for the dealers, as well as demonstrations for the prospective customers to finalize the purchase.  

    The second generation of the Galloni family owns and manages the company following the ethics and the principles of innovation and quality which inspired the founder.

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